Natures Nutrition Perfect Plant Protein - Raw Vanilla

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Add more plant-based protein into your diet the easy way, with Perfect Plant Protein. The neutral taste and fine texture makes this the perfect supplement for smoothies or juices, and it can be used when cooking or baking too. You’ll only find 100% natural pea protein inside, and our allergen-free formula makes this the hassle-free solution for following a more plant-based diet.

At a glance:

✔ 100% plant-based

✔ High protein

✔ Low in calories

Serving SuggestionsThe neutral taste of Perfect Plant Protein means that it is easy to use in cooking and baking to increase your protein intake the healthy way. Add three rounded teaspoons (+/- 15 g) to: 180-200 ml of cold water; your favourite smoothie; oats, yoghurt or other suitable foods; or any beverage of your choice. Stir until smooth. Alternatively, mix using a shaker or blender..