iLabs "The Holy Grail" CBD + Collagen Facial & Body Tissue Oil - 200ml

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Anti-Aging Marine Collagen & CBD - Tissue Regeneration & Hydration - Dehydrated Skin - Scars & Stretchmarks

This tissue oil is ultra-light and ultra-moisturizing! Comprised of a divine blend of fast- natural oils and enriched with Collagen and CBD to leave your skin nourished, glowing and healthy. Both the Collagen and CBD promote skin regeneration.

Our Tissue Oil offers an effective solution to a variety of skin concerns and ailments such as dehydrated skin, scars, stretch marks and uneven tones. Best of all, it has powerful anti-aging properties.

Marine Collagen
CBD Isolate
Olive oil
Sweet almond oil
Grapeseed oil
Argan oil
Vitamin E oil
Essential oils -
Cinnamon bark,
Tea tree
Hemp seed oil
Jojoba oil

Massage directly into skin or add a few drops to your bath.

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