POOL Games - Entertaining our Kids during this 21 day Shutdown

Posted by Christi Massey-Hicks on

Stuck with how to keep your kids from climbing the walls during this SHUTDOWN? If you have swimming pool, look no further! With the amazing weather we have been blessed with of late, some FUN pool GAMES, might be just the thing!

Beach Ball Race

Use a beach ball (or any ball really) and see who can push theirs to the other side of the pool first. PS...throwing the ball constitutes as cheating ;-)

Ping Pong Madness

Toss all the ping pong balls in the pool and everyone has to see how many balls they can get. Most collected balls is the WINNER!

Marco Polo (but DIFFERENT)

Step up the standard version of Marco Polo and have everyone make animal  noises instead. So to give you an example...if the "caller" says "Dolphin" then everyone has to reply with their best rendition of a porpoise

Chicken Fight

For this you will need either a bigger child or adult to be the carrier! Each team consists of 2 people, one standing and the other one on their team mates shoulders. The aim to to knock over the other team. Falling is fun in the pool...not so much on concrete.

Coins Drop

Also know as...earn your allowance (wink wink). Round up all your normally useless "brown money" and chuck it into the pool. The kids then get to play - find the treasure! PS..goggles are an added bonus but not a necessity. 

Air Ball

The goal of this game is to keep the beach ball in the air and not let it touch the water. If you don't have a ball then a balloon will do the job nicely. 

Quick Jump Quiz

Bonus here is that they might learn something in the process! One person is the designated "Quiz Master" and everyone else lines up at the end of the pool, a couple of steps back. The players each take a turn to jump into the pool...BUT...here is the trick, the quiz master shouts the question as they step towards the pool (but before they jump), the player has to answer the question before they hit the water. Start with easy questions like..."what colour is the sky?" and then move onto harder questions. You can keep score if you like but either way fun will be had by all!

Calling all moms...If you have any amazing games (pool or other) hidden up your sleeve, please send them to us so we can all try to keep our sanity during this crisis!






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